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Vivint versus ADT Alarms : A Home Security Comparison

ADT and Vivint are two of the biggest home security companies in the United States. Each running extensive ad and sales campaigns across North America.

Let's take a look at the differences in their most comparable base package offerings and compare their respective advantages and disadvantages. The basic packages offered are:

  • ADT Safewatch QuickConnect
  • Vivint Home Security Package
  • ADT Pulse

Two ADT systems have been included since ADT has created a sub brand called ADT Pulse for their systems that are more comparable to Vivint base package.

Base Packages

PackageVivint Home SecurityADT Safewatch QuickConnectADT Pulse Select
Company: vivint ADT ADT Pulse
Call for Recent Promotions: (888) 858-7689 (888)-631-5009 (888)-631-5009
Lowest Possible Price:Click for Lowest Price Click for Lowest Price Click for Lowest Price
Window/Door Sensors3 Wireless Detectors2 Wireless Detectors2 Wireless Detectors
Motion Detectors1 Wireless Detector1 Wireless Detector1 Wireless Detector
Key Fob Controller?YesYesYes
Cellular or Landline?CellularLandline Cellular
Remote SMS / Email AlertsYesNoYes
Remote Management via SmartphoneYesNoYes
Activation Fee$99$99*$224*
Monthly Fee$49.99$42.99
Contract Required?Yes, 42 MonthsYes, 36 MonthsYes, 36 Months
Average Monthly Costs:$52.35$45.35$54.21
Call for Recent Promotions: (888) 858-7689 (888)-631-5009 (888)-631-5009
Lowest Possible Price:Click for Lowest Price Click for Lowest Price Click for Lowest Price

Better Monitoring Contract Terms

ADT offers a 36 month contract, Vivint offers a 42 month contract. Although 6 months does not seem like long, if you ever have to terminate your contract early that extra 6 months will cost well over $275.

Alarm Monitoring Technologies

Vivint has chose a clear path when it comes to monitoring. They rely on Cellular signal transmissions. The big advantages of a cellular system is that you do not require a landline. For consumers who only use their landline for alarm monitoring this offers a serious cost savings.

ADT Safewatch offers landline and cellular monitoring, but there is an additional cost for cellular monitoring. Upfront costs increase by to at least $198, with increased monitoring costs ranging from $44.99 upwards. You can purchase the ADT Cellguard hardware, and pay the increased monitoring costs. The ADT Pulse system uses Cellular monitoring as part of the base package costs.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Do you put stock in BBB ratings? ADT has an edge on Vivint of B+ vs. B -. These ratings aren't perfect but generally provide good guidance on most companies. The largest source of complaints with monitoring companies are about billing and contract issues.

  • Vivint Inc. has a B- BBB rating
  • ADT has a B+ BBB rating

Contact Information and Details Comparison Quotes:

vivint ADT
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(888) 858-7689
Call ADT Toll Free:
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