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Bay Alarm Security Systems

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Bay Security Systems was founded in 1946 by the Westphal family. They serve over 100,000 accounts, both residential and commercial, still a family business, they claim to be the biggest independent home security company in the United States.

Bay Alarms Service Area

Bay Alarms only serves California They are liced in the state and members of the California Alarm Association.

Monitoring Options

Bay's monitoring station is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certified Station located in California. Communication options with the monitoring station include:

  • Landline monitoring
  • Cellular / GSM based alarm monitoring

Services provided by Bay Alarms

Bay Alarm Monitoring has a number of services they offer, including:

  • patrolling (Oakland only)
  • camera surveillance
  • access systems
  • fire, heat and smoke detection
  • Burglar alarms

Bay Alarm Installation and Monitoring Cost and Prices

  • $345.00 parts and labor for the installation
  • $30.00/month alarm monitoring fee locked in for 36 months for landline monitoring

What it includes:

  • 1 control panel
  • 1 keypad
  • 1 indoor sensor
  • 1 wireless receiver
  • 1 motion detector
  • 2 door/window contacts

Bay Home Security Claim's

Bay's service representatives make large claims, including:

  • Bay receives many of their clientele from other companies
  • you are 'not just a number', you are a customer
  • same day service
  • meticulous service
  • the 'best possible' service

Bay Alarms are active in the support of their community, as they list dozens of community outreach organizations, law enforcement agencies and school, sports and educational organizations they have helped. It could be surmised, however, that such support could be just a public relations tactic. Whether or not Bay Home Security is equally interested in the satisfaction of their customers seems to be a matter of debate.

Bay Alarm Company, despite its activity in the community, has many positive and negative reviews. There are reported problems of false alarms, charging for repairs when they are not supposed to and making it difficult to cancel their service (it must be done in writing). There was another report that said that sometimes they say the installation is free, and it costs $80.00 per half hour. On the other side of the coin, other people think Bay Alarms is wonderful. It is a mixed bag.