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Sonitrol Home Security

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Sonitrol Security Service Area

Sonitrol Home Security is the third biggest security company in North America. Sonitrol Alarm Monitoring provides service to 180 cities in Canada and the United States.

Sonitrol Alarm Services

A distinguishing factor of Sonitrol's service is that they use sound instead of motion to detect intrusion. Additional services and features:

  • Digital video recorders
  • Video cameras
  • Purely audio burglar alarms
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Elevator recall
  • Sprinkler and water flow monitoring
  • Voice evacuation systems
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Duct detection

Parts, Installation and Monthly Prices:

If you call even about buying a new system, surprisingly, they may not call you back. This is why the information is unavailable. This information is also unavailable for the above reasons. .

Sonitrol Reviews

Sonitrol Security Systems designed a "Partners Against Crime" system to allow police to use audio and video technology to apprehend criminals. The system (and Sonitrol security systems in general) has garnered quite some success, as they claim to have the lowest false alarm rate in the business and a high arrest rate. Further, on Sonitrol Home Security's website they have satisfied testimonials from some large companies including Axton Incorporated, Briggs Equipment, Nanak's Landscaping Service, Canadian Tire Gardening Centre and WesTower Communications.

As far as consumer reports are concerned, the systems do malfunction but it is also reported that although they are more expensive than some alarm companies, it is worth it because they cut down a lot on false alarm fines. The rating varies at the Better Business Bureau among various locations from about a B- to a B+. There are few complaints with the exception of their questionable sales department, who may not call you back to inform you about their alarm monitoring.

Sonitrol was founded in 1960 a man by the name of Robert Baxter, who was working in pest control, made the name "Sonitrol" from the two words "Sound" and "Control". He was using devices to find termites in buildings. In 1963 he met up with a man by the name of Al Cronk, a policeman who was getting tired of systems that let burglars get away. Cronk hired Baxter to make an audio device and Sonitrol Alarms was born.