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How Much Should a Security System Cost?

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Get the real deal on security system prices

Securitysystems.Net makes it easy to find out the true costs of the equipment and monitoring packages that make up security and alarm monitoring systems.

Explore alarm and security companies to get the ideal system for your home:

How much does an ADT security system cost, what about the heavily advertised Vivint alarm monitoring how is the service of the new mover on the home security front Lifeshield security systems?

What are the costs of a "free" security system really free?

What features should I insist that my alarm monitoring includes?

Electronic security systems are a crucial aspect of a complete home, business or office security system. They provide a:

  • Visual Deterrent to thieves
  • Audio burglar alarm can cause thieves to flee
  • Notify you if you home has been broken into
  • Notify your alarm monitoring company if you home has been broken into
  • Peace of mind knowing your house or business is always monitored

How do I choose the best home security system?

This would be easy to answer if all security companies and installers were honest professionals, but that isn't the case. There are several key factors to evaluate when purchasing a security system.


  • How much does alarm monitoring cost?
  • Do you want to lease your security system?
  • Do you want to purchase your system outright?
  • What should I look for in a security system quote?
  • How do ADT and Frontpoint compare?
  • How do Vivint and ADT compare?

Buying outright is usually the best long term pricing solution. View our Home Security System Costs section for monthly rates and home security pricing calculators.

Security System Equipment:

  • How many detectors do I need?
  • What kind of detectors are available?
  • How can tell the quality of a security system equipment?
  • Should I use a wireless security system?

Properly installed quality security equipment is an absolute requirement when investing in a security system.

Security System Companies:

Massive companies such as ADT, Vivint, Frontpoint and GE are among the most well known security system providers, but that doesn't mean you should avoid local companies.

  • Why should I choose a large national security company?
  • Why should I choose a local independent security company?
  • What should I look for in an installer?

Alarm Monitoring

Quality security systems are always monitored.

  • What types of alerting is available?
  • How much does monitoring cost?
  • Can I monitor my security system via my computer? (IP Based alarm monitoring, Web base consoles?)

Research Alarm Monitoring features to determine the one that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

Check our Security System Companies section for a guide on selecting your installer, or monitoring company.

Buyer Beware

Like any other industry, there are unscrupulous vendors and individuals looking to take advantage of consumers.

  • What are some known security industry scams?
  • How I check if an installer is scrupulous?

Review Buyer Beware section for a guide on protecting your self when choosing a security system.