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With crime rates a problem in many communities, homeowners are more cautious than ever about home safety. Vivint has targeted crime prevention and lifestyle conviences of home automation so homeowners can monitor their residences.

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(888) 858-7689

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Security and Automation Product Offerings

Vivint security costs are competitively priced. Packages include a security system, energy management system and home automation. The security system comes with Vivint’s own Go!Control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion detector, a yard sign and a key fob for convenient remote control.

The energy management system includes a “smart" thermostat to cut back on the amount of energy used when the customer is away from home, a lamp/appliance control, 12 energy efficient light bulbs and our security system. Vivant claims using the energy management package can save an average of $24 each month on utilities. The package lets the homeowner turn off lights and small appliances and dial down the temperature from their smart phone or computer.

The home automation system allows the customer to watch video surveillance from their computer or smart phone, and record video clips when motion is detected. The system also sends a text message or email when the system records a clip, and the option to watch the clip and stay on top of what’s happening in the home.

Vivint Costs and Fee Structures

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Vivint security costs are based on the type of package purchased. There is a $99 activation fee for the security system, and the monthly monitoring fee is $49.99. Additional products can also be purchased to customize the package. The vivint alarm prices for each product vary.

  • The key fob, door and window sensors and recessed door sensors are $60 each.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, and motion and glass-break detectors, run $120 apiece.
  • The cost for the control panel is $699.

The activation fee for the energy management package is $149, and the monthly monitoring fee is $57.99. Additional products to upgrade and customize the package can also be purchased.

  • A lighting and small appliance control unit is $39.
  • A key fob and recessed door sensors are $60 each.
  • The smart thermostat is $99.
  • The carbon monoxide and smoke alarms as well as the glass-break and motion detector are $120 each.
  • The control panel costs $699.

For Vivint’s home automation system, the activation fee is $199, and the monthly monitoring fees are $68.99. Additional products can also be added to the standard package to customize as needed.

  • A lighting and small appliance control unit is $39.
  • A key fob, recessed door sensor and door and window sensors all cost $60 each.
  • The thermostat runs $99
  • Smoke and motion detectors as well as the glass-break and carbon monoxide detectors are $120 apiece.
  • A fixed video camera is $149.
  • The pan and tilt video camera and automatic door locks cost $199.
  • The control panel is $699.

Vivint's Monitoring Contract Requirements

Vivint’s cancellation policy varies by location. In the U.S. and Puerto Rico it is three days after installation; in New York, three days after installation for the standard agreement and seven days after for the “Panic Pendant addendum;” in Alaska, five days after; and in Canada, 10 days after. Senior citizens 70 years and older have 30 days to cancel after installation. If the original cancellation date has passed and the customer wishes to cancel the contract, they may find someone else to take over the agreement, without being charged. Once the referral takes over the contract, the customer is no longer responsible for payments.

Costs Over Time

The added security and energy savings to the customer’s home for vivint monitoring can be weighed against the financial costs incurred.

  • Using the home security system over a 42-month period, the monitoring fees for the vivint alarm prices are $2099.58.
  • The monitoring fees for the energy management system for 42 months add up to $2,435.58.
  • During a 42-month period, the monitoring fees for the home automation system are $2,897.58.

The costs to customize each package vary, depending on what products are purchased.

Vivint’s Service Areas

Service areas extend throughout most states in the U.S., plus Canada. Testimonials come from customers as far south as Florida and as far north as Alberta, Canada. Vivint also offers additional services besides basic installation of its systems. The company has a wide range of billing and technical customer service and support.

Other Services Vivint Provides

Customers needing a certificate to provide their insurance company to qualify for a discount on homeowners insurance can contact the company with the name of the insurer, agent’s name and fax number, and the certificate will be sent to the insurer.

Billing is done electronically, to prevent any lapses in vivint monitoring coverage. Monthly billing dates are on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th of the month, and the billing dates can be changed at the customer’s request. Manuals and diagrams for the various systems can be downloaded directly from the Vivint website.

History and Awards Received

Vivint, in the security solutions market for more than a decade, began in 1999 as APX Alarm. Company growth was steady, and it had 20,000 customers by 2004 and 44,000 customers by 2005. In February 2011 it changed its name to Vivint.

Its security and home automation systems have both received Consumers Digest Best Buy awards in the Advanced Security Package and Home Automation Package categories. In October 2011 the company received the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence. The company also received the Gold Level Gartner and 1to1Media CRM Excellence Award for enterprise efficiency. Vivint is a member of a number of professional organizations, including the National Sheriff’s Association and Underwriters Laboratories.

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