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Frontpoint Security Systems Alarms and Security

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855-249-9869 (toll free number)

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Frontpoint Security Solutions is a home security system company based in McLean, Virginia. The security systems offered by Frontpoint utilizes a wireless communication for its alarm systems which can be operated via computer from anywhere computer access is available.

Call Frontpoint: 855-249-9869 (toll free)

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Frontpoint Bundle Deals:

  • Protection package equipment starting at $99.95 with 36 month monitoring agreements.
    • Free Smoke & Heat Sensor*
    • Free Motion Sensor*
    • $50 off an Indoor Camera*
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Frontpoint Costs

These are one time costs, not monthly!

Door/Window Sensor$32.99
Recessed Door Sensor$42.99
Motion Sensor$64.99
Glass Break Sensor$74.99
Smoke and Heat Sensor$64.99
Carbon Monoxide Sensor$89.99
Water/Flood Sensor$44.99
Garage Door Sensor$44.99
Simon XT (with Radio)$238.99
Verizon IQ Panel$387.99
Talking Remote XT Touchpad$79.99
Smart Lock$159.99
Keychain Remote$31.99
Slimline Doorbell$189.99
Range Extender$174.99
Wireless Light Control$49.99
Indoor Camera$99.99
Outdoor Camera$299.99
Panic Pendant$39.99
FP Light Bulb$9.99

Offer requires minimum purchase of $99.95. This offer available only to homeowners and credit qualified individuals and cannot be combined with any other discount. Discount shown is off retail pricing for individual equipment. Images are illustrative and may not reflect the exact product available. Feature availability depends on monitoring agreement. Void where prohibited. Valid for new Frontpoint customers only. Taxes and fees may apply.

Call Frontpoint: 855-249-9869 (toll free)

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Cellular Monitoring for all Frontpoint Packages

One of Frontpoint's major advantages compared to other national providers is the use of cellular in each of their packages. Major benefits of the cellular based monitoring is the reduced points of failure, and being able to eliminate monthly landline costs.

Frontpoint Protection Monitoring

  • This monitoring plan uses 100% wireless monitoring to provide burglar and intrusion protection, fire, environmental, and life safety protection.
  • Cellular / GSM monitoring - no landline required
  • Environmental protection is designed to detect water damage that may be caused by flood conditions and leaking pipes caused by freezes or other types of ruptures.
  • This package also includes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year monitoring by one of the best monitoring facilities in the nation.
  • To ensure that monitoring protection is always in place, the Frontpoint Security Systems facility has redundancy for electrical, telephone, internet, computer systems, and other conditions.

Frontpoint Interactive Monitoring Package

  • Home automation features such as remotely control of your monitoring, and automated home lighting.
  • This package offers the same features as the Protection Monitoring Plan such as burglar and intrusion protection, fire, environmental, and life safety protection.
  • The added features that make this the most popular package include Remote Alarm System Access, Instant Security Alerts, and the Advanced Pending Alarms Feature.

The "Ultimate Monitoring" Package

  • Lots of Home automation features
    • Manage home lights remotely
    • Lock or unlock doors
    • Home temperature / thermostat management
  • GEO interaction with your phone, your system can alert you if you are detected off the property and you have not locked the doors.
  • Environmental monitoring, this detects temperatures that can cause pipes to burst, harm to pets, and detect Carbon Monoxide.
  • Wireless Security Video provides users with remote video access that allows them to view what’s happening at their residence while they are away.

Remote video access is managed by iPhone, Blackberry or Android Apps or other mobile Web devices. The Wireless Cameras in the system are priced from $179.99 to $399.99 depending on the type of camera. The Frontpoint Security Systems Interactive Monitoring Package also allows alarm and motion activated clips to be sent via e-mail or MMS on a customized schedule selected by the user. The Remote Alarm System Access feature allows the user to control their home security system from their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or other mobile device that has an internet connection. This allows them to arm, disarm, or customize the settings from their mobile device. The Instant Security Alerts also provides access through your mobile devices. This feature can provide alarm and non-alarm activity through e-mails or text messages. The Advanced Pending Alarm feature provides additional security with notification of a pending alarm signal that is sent immediately to the monitoring facility until the all-clear is given by the user.

Frontpoint Security Systems uses quality wireless sensors that communicate with the control panel using a proprietary frequency. This frequency was once used by military systems and is beyond the normal consumer radio frequency which makes it virtually impossible to be impacted by a jamming device. The upfront costs of the wireless sensors used by the Frontpoint Security Systems, may be more than wired sensors. However, the overall savings is gained because the combined costs for the labor to install a wired system and the wired sensors themselves far outweigh the total costs of a comparable wireless system. Installation of the system can be done by the customer in 20-30 minutes. Frontpoint Security System’s overall low cost, high reliably, and extensive cutting-edge high-tech features make it the system of choice.

Call Frontpoint: 855-249-9869 (toll free)

Visit Frontpoint Website

The system uses a Wireless Control Panel that features an integrated keypad, 24-hour battery backup, and a back-lit LCD screen. In addition to the standard equipment that comes with the system, Frontpoint Security Systems also offers a variety of accessories such as a Standard Remote Touchpad, Keychain Remote, Talking Remote Keypad, and Range Extender Kit that helps to make the system even more accessible and user-friendly to its customers.

Frontpoint Reviews

Frontpoint Security Systems offerings have received rave reviews from those who had the system installed in their residences. Most reviews highlighted the cutting edge technology, the ease of installation, and the great customer service provided by the company. The overall consensus is that Frontpoint Security Systems is a great company offering an innovative and state-of-the-art security system with highest quality and great value to its customers.