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Buyer Beware: Prevent Alarm System Scams

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By researching alarm monitoring prices and following some simple alarm monitoring company choosing tips homeowners will be better prepared to make good judgement when selecing a home security system.

Unfortunately the dishonest will try to take advantage of consumers fears when it comes to selling home security systems. We've built a list of common scams known in the industy

Known Security System Scams

The "Free" Home Security System

In this scam a salesperson will arrive at your door and offer you a "Free" security system. Normally the justification is that you are in a high profile location and they would like to put their signs and stickers on your property in lieu of fees. All that is required is signing a monthly contract and this free system is yours.

Like many things in life that sound too good to be true, this is as well. The "Free" system is normally inadequate for most homes, and the contract is of term and rates that make this far more expensive than a purchased system. In this case you have paid well more than market rate for what was advertised as "free".

Emergency Services will "Not Respond" to your "Old" System

In this case, a salesmen will arrive at the door of a homeowner with an existing system. They tell the homeowner that the local fire or police system are currently, or soon will not be able to receive signals from your "older" system. They then offer their package which naturally comes with a contract. This is a lie. As always, check with the BBB before engaging the services of any alarm company, and extra caution should be directed to those who show up at your door unannounced.

Rush Tactics: Limited Time, You must Decide Now!

Take your time! If a prospective company tries to rush you into a deal, step back and get competitive security system quotes. Rarely are deals so great that they truely have a limited time offer, this is normally a pressure tactic to prevent you getting competive quotes, or checking the prospective companies background.

Not So State of the Art Equipment

What are you really buying with your security system? Often what is pitched as "Free" of $99.95 is an inadequate system, or out of date. Find out the following about what will be installed:

  • What equipment will be installed?
  • What rooms will it be installed in?
  • What are the model numbers of the equipment installed?
  • Research list prices of these products, find out what the true value is
  • Find out if the specifications of these items matches the requirements of your household