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SimpliSafe Home Alarm and Security Systems

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SimpliSafe has made a large marketing push with their do-it-yourself no-contract cellular/GSM based system. Targeting the big players, ADT, Frontpoint and Vivint, SimpliSafe offers a straightforward DIY install and upfront costs system costs instead of a contract.

Pro and Cons of Simplisafe

One pro of SimpliSafe is that it is really "simple" to understand their pricing model, nothing is hidden. But that doesn't mean everything is perfect with their system.


  • Low monthly payment
  • No contract
  • Uses Cellular / GSM
  • Helpful forum on website
  • Apartment Friendly
  • Low price compared to major contract providers
  • Access Logging features


  • Unfortunate to release a system without Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detector integration. SimpliSafe2 now has these products.
  • Keyfob is really big, uncomfortable in your pocket
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors are NOT UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories).
  • Oversell the DIY aspect, (is your grandmother really going to install the motion detector in the top corner of the room?)
  • Lack of backward compatibility with SimpliSafe/Simplisafe 2 , many products require you to upgrade to Simpli Safe2 at an additional cost
  • Lack of available integration of 3rd party products (You are stuck with SimpliSafe accessories)
  • Can’t add any hardwired sensors
  • No duel tech/multiple sensing motion detectors, can lead to more false alarms
  • High monitoring price compared to other DIY solutions
  • No Home Automation
  • No Video Cameras available
  • No shock detectors or glassbreak detectors available

SimpliSafe Monitoring Features

  • Upfront costs of $230 - $375 to purchase base alarm package apply to every system
  • Interactive Package
    • Upfront costs of $230 - $375 depending on products included
    • $24.99 a month for monitoring
    • Use Cellular/GSM
    • SMS / Text Message and email alerts
    • Remote system management
    • Spy Alerts (Secret Alerts) - Track events without seeting an alarm)
  • Alert Package
    • $19.99 a month for monitoring
    • Use Cellular/GSM
    • SMS / Text Message and email alerts
  • Standard Package
    • $14.99 a month for monitoring
    • Use Cellular/GSM
    • NO interactive Features

SimpliSafe Hardware Packages

Base Station111
Keypad 1 Wireless 1 Wireless 1 Wireless
Motion Sensors1 1 1
Door/Window Sensors 1 4 4
Panic Button No No 1
Siren 26dB in base station 26dB in base station26dB in base station
105dB external
Water Level SensorNoNo1
Freeze SensorNoNo1
Keychain Remote111
Window/Door Decals222

Summary Review

SimpliSafe is a solid mid-priced system with competitive pricing and basic DIY features. It is not the "magic potion" as they advertise, and does have many short comings. Specifically the lack of hardwired device integration, and the lack of UL listed Smoke and CO detectors. Prices are lower than Frontpoint, ADT or Vivint, but monitoring is far higher than many DIY systems.